5 Signs It’s Time for a Service

Maintenance of your car is one of the most important aspects, if not the most. I wanted to start of this blog on the right foot by sharing five signs its time for a service. If your car is showing any of the below signs, do yourself and your car a solid and get that sorted!

Car maintenance

There are a couple of quirks you can ignore when you’re driving, but there are a few that indicate it is time for a service.

  1. The Engine Warning Light

engine check lightIf your dashboard lights up with a yellow “check engine” light, book your car in for a service right away. There could be a range of engine issues. Many cars also have a little service light that will come on when it’s time for your next service.

  1. Odd Noises

Any new noises should be checked out before they become a serious problem. Some of the sounds you may hear include:

  • Whining from under the hood – this usually signals a loose belt.
  • Exhaust noises that are louder than usual – there may be a crack or hole in the exhaust.
  • Metal-on-metal – scraping sounds have to be checked out, they could indicate that something is broken and causing damage to another part.
  • Crunching gears – your car’s gearbox gets plenty of wear and tear, and parts and fluids regularly need replacing.
  • Squealing when you hit the brakes – this usually indicates worn brake pads.
  1. Steam or Smoke from Under the Hood

Steam is usually white in colour and is caused by problems with the radiator and overheating. If you notice smoke or steam you should get your car checked out as soon as possible. However, you’re not in immediate danger if there is no steam. Keep an eye on the car’s temperature gauge and if it’s sitting on maximum, pull over and let the car cool down before continuing. If there is blue smoke coming from under the hood, stop wherever it is safe and get someone to tow the car to a service station. Blue smoke is usually caused by burning oil and can be expensive if left unattended.

Furthermore, excessive smoke from your exhaust can indicate an oil leak which could be caused by a variety of problems, such as:

  • Worn piston rings
  • Piston wear
  • Worn engine oil seals
  • Worn valve seals
  • Head gasket failure
  1. Pulling or Vibrating Under the Braking

This may be due to worn brake pads or discs, an issue with the steering, or a suspension problem. It is highly dangerous to drive like this, so you need to get the car serviced immediately. Such symptoms could also be a sign of worn out tyres, so remember to ensure that your tyres have the minimum required tread and that they are not wearing unevenly.

  1. A Suddenly Uncomfortable Ride

Close up of suspensionAre speed bumps becoming particularly uncomfortable? If so, your car is probably riding low. You may even hear your tyres scraping on the wheel arch. If so, it’s time for a service. Any of these symptoms could be a sign that something is wrong with your shocks and suspension.

These are just five of the signs that your car needs a service. To keep your vehicle in perfect condition, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and be sure to have it serviced regularly.

Spruce Up Your Cars Vs Buying a New Car Every time.

It seems everyone is always putting themselves into financial burden to keep up with the next great luxury trend so that your business, image and ego can keep thriving. This happens all the time with cars. The one you have is most likely perfect but because a new, faster version is released……YOU MUST HAVE IT!!!

This is a problem that a lot of people face with the force feed media and promotion of the technological age.

This post is aimed at the limousine industry, one of the worst in the automotive industry where business owners are actively selling old to buy new. By the end of the post business owners and readers alike will leave with some actionable tips. Although I will be writing this about the limo industry the principles behind this post remain true to all. I know, I know, its not a post about the next greatest super car straight out of japan but its something I feel like getting out! After using limousines regularly, I think its only fair I share some views I have obtained.

Better limousine services

Upgrading doesn’t mean selling your old limo!

You don’t have to buy new cars every few years or months in order to keep up. You can employ a few practices that will keep your cars looking In top shape so that it’s a lot less noticeable that they’re not brand new. Learn to spruce up your vehicles regularly so that you’re fleet looks amazing all the time.

Your Fleet

The cars you currently have in your fleet may range from antique to brand new and they all have special care instructions to keep them looking beautiful. Before you decide that some cleaning and interior maintenance will be enough to stave off replacing vehicles, you need to figure out if your resources can handle this regular cleaning and maintenance. At some point, the cost of keeping the cars looking good can exceed the cost of simply replacing them. If you keep track of your resources, you won’t get to that point.

Exterior Repairs

The outside of each car is the first thing your clients will see so you want that first impression to be impeccable. Imagine you’re a client looking for luxury transport. Would you want the car that shows up dull or with small scratches or dents on it or would you want the one that shows up with the sun glinting off a perfect paint job and bouncing off the shine of the bumpers? The answer is obvious and that first impression sets the tone for the entire experience of the client.

  • Keep touch up paint on hand to fix any small scratches that may occur during regular use of the car.
  • A buffer compound and the right cloths will help you get out any dents or prime scratched surfaces before touching up paint.
  • Proper soap and wax are important tools for cleaning up the cars to be sure they’ll shine their best.

Interior Maintenance

limo Hire Perth WA

Now that your cars are shiny and looking new on the outside, the interior has to live up to that. Events and other causes for luxury transport can lead to food and drink being spilled on the carpets and seats. People who are intoxicated and having fun don’t always pay attention to where their glasses sit and a moving car makes that even more of a hazard. Instead of enforcing strict rules about food and drink, let the party go on and be sure to have the cleaning materials on hand to restore the seats and carpets after each ride.

Use Extras to Make Your Cars Unique

Give every client something to remember so they always want to call you for luxury transport. Consider something like a unique horn tune for special events, premium television screens, or internet for some or all of your fleet. If you are unsure that you can handle the kinds of maintenance that keep your cars looking great, partner with an auto repair and maintenance shop that will always be available to fix the small things so you don’t have to keep replacing cars and your clients always love what you have to offer.


You don’t need the newest or the fastest or the flashest to get the most out of your life, business or happiness. If your always going for bigger and better you will never reach the end. There will always be more. Instead, try making what you have better, or the best that it can be.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked it and look forward to hearing your comments on the subject. Remember to subscribe to the blog for the latest information and share me on social media!

Thanks again.