About Japan RSG

If you have a love for boost, fast cars and the japan automotive industry this website is for you.

Japan RSG is all about bringing you the latest news and sharing whats hot and whats not with new rides.

Japan produces some of the best most high performance cars available to the general public. In recent years the quality of sports cars from japan has reached a new level with weapons like the Nissan GT-R Godzilla, the Lexus LFA and the soon to be released Toyota Supra!

Tuning into Japan RSG gets you all the latest information to curb your cravings for turbo’s, rev’s and reasonably priced super cars.

We will also cover a range of other stories like how the Tesla electric cars are effecting the Japanese auto industry and what they are doing about it, tips on how to maintain your car, stories or people having a great time on the roads and more.

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About Me

I have been interested in the auto industry for the last 10 years. From becoming a qualified mechanic and working on cars daily for Toyota to building my own drag car in the garage, cars have been a big part of my life.

I grew up in Australia where Holden and Ford’s were always the main go to cars, when I was younger their were far less Jap racers helped fuel my need to know more about these road weapons. Something about the technical designs, the slick lines and the high power engines with massive turbos just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

I decided to start this blog with the sole purpose of sharing cool stories and passing on my point of view while having a public place open to discussion. Between starting this blog and now, I also decided to add in a bit more by sharing stories in the automotive industry and tips to help with car maintenance.

If you would like to get in touch about anything on this blog, or would like to make a suggestion, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for caring,

Chloe Ferguson